The Non League Podcast is a podcast to be dedicated to Non League football.

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About the team

James Bartaby - expert analysis

James Bartaby has been an avid follower of the non league game for many years and has built up a following with Under the League, an essential resource for the non league football fan. 

He can be found on Twitter @undertheleague 

Rob Overfield - expert analysis

Rob Overfield was transplanted to London from Hull in 2008 by his wife, he took to watching Hampton & Richmond later that year for a football fix and never left, despite everything!

Appointed as club press officer in May 2011, he also appears on radio with Radio Wey and now enjoys being given the invitation to rabbit on with the Non League Podcast.

He can be found on Twitter @RabidRobo

Dave burin - expert analysis


Hi, I'm Dave. Content writer, football groundhopper, curry lover and besotted with 20th century American literature.

Like most people my age, I'm 25.

Twitter: @GoldenVision90



Kristan Smith - host

The brains behind the Non League Podcast, Kristan Smith keeps the show structured and flowing.

He can be found to Twitter @kwisstan

Libby Clarke - producer

Libby Clarke is a sports photographerand produces the show, researching all the topics she gives us a rundown to work through.

She can be found to Twitter @libsterclarke